Influencer marketing at scale

Reach an audience of over 200M followers

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We specialize in marketing campaigns that use influencers to amplify your brand exposure across social media.


We leverage our strengths to grow e-commerce companies, advise on strategies, and provide business development support.


We use or network of over 200,000,000 followers to drive real, targeted engagement to you and your brand.

Our Clients

These brands have made our services a pivotal part of their growth strategy.

Our Team

We make sure you're working with people you can trust.

Zachary Dempsey

Founder & CEO

From building his own viral social media pages to managing one of the largest networks of others, Zach knows everything there is to know about influencer marketing.

Bram Hoskin

Head of Software

Bram makes sure campaigns run to their maximum capacity through the development of in-house software and public tools now used by marketers around the globe.

Johnathon Yuen

Head of Operations

Overseeing all daily operations at Slogan Social. Johnathon specializes in maintaining close relationships with our clients to ensure the success of their marketing campaigns.

Our Email

To schedule a free consultation with one of our marketing consultants, please email us with the link below.